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Gaur Gopal Das

Lifestyle coach, Monk & Motivational Speaker

What Is Super Growth Summit?

Super Growth Summit, is a holistic learning opportunity brought about by Success Gyan. Featuring 14 International Trainers who own proficiency in various spheres required to lead a successful life, the event holds the key to unlock the best version of oneself that will help them lead a life of success and fulfillment.

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Why Should You Attend The Super Growth Summit?

With Unlimited Learning from World Class Trainers, the 7 hour event is an exclusive opportunity to

Get inspired

With 14 Trainers who will be imparting knowledge on various spheres of success, it is the ultimate opportunity to expand your vision to all existing dimensions and immerse yourself in the experience to carve a life of Passion, Purpose and Profit.


Learn some of the most powerful and proven techniques from world Class Trainers that have worked wonders for the most successful people in the world, through practical and easy implementation.

Grow & transform

The more you know, the more you grow, and the seven-hour knowledge explosion is set to make the desired changes in your life and transform you whole, enabling you to achieve your goals and attain success.


How Will You Learn And Grow?

You will receive unlimited access to Global Superstars who will enlighten you with game-changing strategies and plans that will level up your game and give you the competitive edge to compete and accomplish your Mission to Success!

Career And

The corporate world is rapidly evolving and be you a Business Owner or a Working Professional being nimble is the need of the hour. At Super Growth Summit you will learn how to

Leadership And

Ignite the fire of leadership within you and unleash a wave of impact!
During this summit, the trainers will empower you to lead with purpose by inspiring and challenging you to overcome obstacles and transform lives. Step up, stand out, and become the leader you were born to be!

Health and

Productivity And

Our Expert Trainers

Rajiv Talreja

Asia's Leading Business Coach

Rajiv Talreja is India's Leading Business Coach and is the author of the International Bestseller and Amazon bestseller book titled – “Lead or Bleed – How entrepreneurs and corporate leaders can stop fire-fighting and start accelerating performance and profits.” He has been a serial entrepreneur and a business coach for the last 9 years and is known for the exponential growth, he has created for his clients. Rajiv currently runs two successful businesses – quantum leap learning solutions and dream craft events. He has had two business failures in the past, which he believes have been his best experiences. Over the last decade, Rajiv has impacted over 1 lakh people through his training and coaching engagements across 150+ corporate organizations and over 10000 business owners. What began as a young person's desire to help people transform their life and business has grown into Rajiv's lifelong crusade as he is called on by entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to transform their business and their teams. Rajiv is a "learner and do-er" and believes there is always a next level no matter who you are or where you come from. he is on a mission to help business owners build their business so that it can grow without them.

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Siddharth Rajsekar

India’s Leading Info-Marketing Expert

Sidz is India’s Leading Info-Marketing Expert. He has strategized and promoted top celebrities like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Dr.Ivan Misner, Ron Kaufman, Marshall Goldsmith and much more, just to name a few. He has trained over 20,000+ business owners in India and the Middle East, by conducting over 60+ full-day social media workshops. He has personally built a community of over 10000+ experts within a span of 25 months. He is on a MISSION to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of FREEDOM. He has been mentoring people from all walks of life and many of his students are now making over $5000 per month using the methodologies taught by him.

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Raj Shamani

Top 5 Young Influencers of India

Raj Shamani is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and social media influencer. He has featured on the ‘Top 5 Young Influencers of India’ list (YourStory), as well as on the ‘Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs in India’ list (Asian Age). His podcast, Figuring Out, is the top podcast on entrepreneurship in the country. He is the youngest Indian to speak at the United Nations Assembly. He has given four TEDx Talks and over 200 keynotes in over twenty-six countries.

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Puja Puneet

India’s Leading Life Coach

Puja Puneet is India’s number one life designer and the founder and CEO of Life by Design. She has trained under legends like Jack Canfield, T Harv Ekar, Brian Tracy and many more. Puja calls herself the most educated person in the self help industry and is on a mission to transform women to live life to their fullest. She has also authored a book, “ Unlocking the Golden Cage.”

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Thaddeus Lawrence

International Best-Selling Author & Speaker

Thaddeus Lawrence is a speaker, trainer, author and founder of Runaway Success Learning Practice. He is best known for successfully completing a total of 1,000 kilometres in a footrace through the hottest, coldest, windiest and driest deserts on earth. His remarkable feat in the Sahara, Gobi, Atacama and Antarctica has been rated by TIME magazine as one of its Top Ten Endurance Competitions in the world. Thaddeus Lawrence sits on the Executive Committee of the Association of Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS). As an inspirational speaker, he moves audiences with his captivating storytelling. Thaddeus embodies the spirit of ordinary people living extraordinary lives and, with a personal mission of inspiring passion and purpose, believes that by being our best selves, no dream is too small or too big to pursue.

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Dr. M.V. Priyank

India’s Leading Abundance And Wellness Coach

Priyank has won "Abundance & Wellness Coach Par Excellence" by WOW MAHASA. The journey of healing and wellness began after more than 24 years exploring various major alternative healing modalities & personal development programs which include Pranic Healing, Reiki, Psych-K, EFT, NLP etc. Priyank specializes in utilizing modern technology integrating them with energy science and using them for exploration which makes people understand as well as explore the knowledge with a logical explanation. Currently, other than providing training on Sound Healing across the globe, Priyank specializes in the clearing of Abundance blocks integrating combinations of more than 26 therapies to excel and open channels for new opportunities especially related to financial aspects in one’s life. Priyank has transformed about 35,000 lives is on a mission to Educate and Empower people to lead Healthy, Wealthy and Prosperous life.

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Dr. Meghana Dikshit

India’s Leading Brain Coach

Dr. Meghana Dikshit is the founder of the De Mantraas. Dr. Meghana Dikshit is a World renowned Therapist and Success Coach. She has won multiple awards and recognition across the county including a complete solution based treatment offering fast-effective results. Dr. Meghana is now sharing over two decades of her experience in treating clients, including CEO’s, Bollywood stars and athletes to empower others to achieve the same fast effective results through her Ultimate Success Programs. She specializes in clearing the success blocks with her specialized modules. She has trained over 50000 people in the last 23 years of her career.

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Chinha Raheja

India’s Leading Personal Impact Coach

Chinha Raheja is on a mission to help people create massive impact and influence by harnessing the power of first impressions. She helps people fall back in love with their bodies, rise their self esteem, speak with confidence, and show up as powerful leaders. She is also an author, image consultant and etiquette expert. She is a military child and a military wife. She helps men and women sculpt a desirable image personally and professionally that is in line with their future successes.

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Sawan Kapoor

India’s Leading Career Coach

Banked up on a very successful career abroad, Sawan Joined his family business Kapoor Lampshade company as soon as he returned to India and later started a career coaching services company called TruNorth. The organization works with clients across the globe helping them secureextraordinary opportunities accelerating their professional success manyfold. He has also been upgrading careers with his “Power Up your career in 4 hours.”

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Harvi Shah

Fashion Business Coach

I teach fashion designers,fashion influencers, aspiring entrepreneurs and fashion brand owners to Build a highly Profitable and Scalable Fashion Brand from Home, without the need to have any prior experience or Education in Fashion or Business space.

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Manisha Goyal Chopra

International Pro Makeup Coach

Founder SeaSoul-Organic Skincare Makeup KeraSoul-CRYO Hair Care 3 Patents Pending International Pro Makeup Coach Worked 10Yrs Australia 9yrs.

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Prachi Mayekar

Transformational Coach

CA Certified Master NLP Practitioner and a trainer, Prachi Mayekar is on a mission to empower a million people to take back their power and fulfill their biggest dream by enabling them to unleash their greatest potential. Trained at the Carkhuff model of counseling, she has also studied Kundali Samadhi and is a regular Yoga Practitioner. She has been transforming lives with her “Alive @5 A.M “ and transformed about 2000 lives last year alone.

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About Success Gyan

Success Gyan is India’s Largest Organiser of Seminars and we believe in educating, inspiring and transforming lives by sharing success Lessons in all domains like Personal Growth, Financial Management, Career Growth, Effective Entrepreneurship & Businesses Acceleration to empower individuals live their life to the fullest of their potential.

Success Gyan started its journey in 2012, with a vision of bringing World Class education to India at affordable prices. Through these years we have revolutionized over 10 Lakh + lives through 800 + Events by 50+ International Speakers like Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Ekar, Brian Tracy and many more.

The organization that aims at Bringing the World’s Best to India and taking India’s best to the World, works with a Vision of taking Life-transforming education to every Household and thereby empowering every Individual to unleash the best Version of themselves.

Surendran Jayasekar

Founder & CEO, Success Gyan

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